Five young journalists write about Auschwitz.
poniedziałek, 22 stycznia 2007
About the authors

Anna P.

Ania is 22 years old. She came from Warszawa to Oswiecim to prepare for her master thesis. She thinks that the insights she could gain in Auschwitz could help her understanding the topic of her master thesis „Jews in Jedwabne, on the basis of literature“ in a better way. It’s her first time as an adult being in Oswiecim. She was deeply touched by the visit to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The biggest task for her, she says „is to put my thoughts and emotions into my texts.“

written by Ralph


He is 26 years old German photography student. That’s the thing that helps him to describe the world and he wants to develop this passion in his future. He is the leader of charity organisation “Leo Club” and is also a member of photography organisation “Freelens”. He always has his own opinion in discussions. His dream is to visit all capital cities of European Union.

written by Anna M.

Ania M.

Nearly 18-year-old Ania Malinowska is carefully watching the world. She is attending Carolinum secondary school in Nysa. Wearing black clothes she seems to be interested in dark side of life. But she also helps with fund-raising every year for hospitals and ill children. Sometimes she plays ghost-roles in school theatre.
Delighted by friendly ambience of student city Breslau she wants to study veterynary there.

written by Sylwia


As you can see Sylwia’s glasses are the most striking element of her appearance. What you can’t see is the most colorful clothes she wears. She is on Culture Studies in Warsaw. Having an amazing hobby she writes her master thesis about Pippi Langstrumpf. She loves hitch-hiking. In this way she travelled around Europe. She wants to be a travel guide around Warsaw and make people like this place more than they do it now.

written by Kasia

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